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Lacan Guided Reading Group: Platonic Love and Beyond

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23-10-2018 - 18-12-2018

Join us for this round of the reading group in which we will read several segments from Lacan’s seminar on Transference, trying to understand the way in which Lacan redefines love in psychoanalysis on the basis of this Platonic dialogue. We will investigate several Lacanian notions such as love being the objective of psychoanalysis, the analyst knowledge about love, the fact that “love is giving what you do not have”, as well as the way love necessarily passes through desire (“like a camel through the eye of a needle”).


Sartre’s Freedom and the Freudian Psychoanalysis: Love and Hate?

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2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

Sartre, as a child of his century, was deeply attracted to psychoanalysis, as a great revolution of the mind which had effects in all human sciences. His attraction to psychoanalysis drove him to find his way through Freud’s craziest ideas and led him to believe that he could create a «existential psychoanalysis» without any superego or hidden mechanisms; in which the unconscious is only bad faith, and trauma the proof of the existence of a personal «fundamental project».


Sudoku or Push-ups? Physical Activity and Mental Health

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Having in mind all the effects of exercise on the brain, the question would then be, can we use physical exercise to help patients with different psychiatric disorders? In different clinical studies, it has been shown that even small amounts of physical exercise can help with depression, anxiety, specific phobias etc. Still, a big problem with physical activity is how to motivate someone to be more active and how to maintain this motivation.

Nitya   art therapy

Experiencing Art Therapy

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These workshops are an invitation to participate in the playful approach to uncovering Self as offered by art therapy. Lending expression through artistic material aids in speaking the unspeakable, knowing the unknowable, and experiencing that which is usually hidden from our conscious mind. 

The meeting in August welcomes everyone interested in learning about themselves through the revelatory process of art-making and subsequent reflection. The meeting in September is an invitation to come together and engage with feelings, sensations, and thoughts, relating to our rapidly changing ecological habitat.