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Alienation and separation

Lacan Guided Reading Group: Alienation and Separation

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29-05-2018 - 25-09-2018

Join us for our guided reading group throughout June and July, in which we will read the 16th chapter in Lacan's Seminar XI: The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis, entitled: "The Subject and the Other: Alienation"

Nitya   art therapy

Experiencing Art Therapy & Art Therapy in the Ecological Crisis

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31-08-2018 - 28-09-2018

These workshops are an invitation to participate in the playful approach to uncovering Self as offered by art therapy. Lending expression through artistic material aids in speaking the unspeakable, knowing the unknowable, and experiencing that which is usually hidden from our conscious mind. 

The meeting in August welcomes everyone interested in learning about themselves through the revelatory process of art-making and subsequent reflection. The meeting in September is an invitation to come together and engage with feelings, sensations, and thoughts, relating to our rapidly changing ecological habitat. 

Ideology in plain sight

Ideology and Language: In Plain Sight

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14-09-2018 - 15-09-2018

Ideology and Language: In Plain Sight, an installation by Karla Šuler, is exploring language as the set of predetermined communication values, as the sign of identification, a retreat of knowledge and driving force behind different ideologies. The installation deals with the thought of how a perception of language, as a mediator of a sole universal consciousness of one’s society, expands and echoes in current social condition. 


Hello, Death. (An Open Discussion)

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For as long as we've told stories, Death has frightened us, disturbed us, grieved us, as it has strengthened us, inspired us, uplifted us. But for most of us, Death seems more an ancestral acquaintance rather than a familiar face. Living in the heart of Western Civilization 2018, amidst the nest of health insurance, public sanitation, and safety regulations, Death seems distant, figurative, optional.