Nitya   art therapy

Experiencing Art Therapy & Art Therapy in the Ecological Crisis

Nitya   art therapy

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31-08-2018 - 28-09-2018

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Stillpoint Spaces Berlin
Hobrechtstraße 66
Berlin, 12047

These workshops are an invitation to participate in the playful approach to uncovering Self as offered by art therapy. Lending expression through artistic material aids in speaking the unspeakable, knowing the unknowable, and experiencing that which is usually hidden from our conscious mind.

Friday, August 31, 17:00 – 19:00

The meeting in August welcomes everyone interested in learning about themselves through the revelatory process of art-making and subsequent reflection.

Friday, September 28, 17:00 - 19:00

The meeting in September is an invitation to come together and engage with feelings, sensations, and thoughts, relating to our rapidly changing ecological habitat.

Those who take to this way of working are welcome to join the ongoing process group, which meets bi-monthly at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin. No prior experience in art or therapy is required. Limited capacity, please book your seat in advance.

Nitya Ramchandran is an art therapist and body psychotherapist with a diverse background in the arts, yoga, and biology. She offers her work at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin and at her private practice in Potsdam.

Members of The Lab at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin have a separate discount of 15% on the price of the ticket. If you would like to become a member of The Lab, you can apply for our membership programme by sending us an email at

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We would like to encourage you to buy online tickets in advance.

You can get the ticket at the counter and pay by card for an extra €1 fee to the price.

The entrance to The Lab of Stillpoint Spaces Berlin is directly from the street Hobrechtstraße 66. We kindly ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the official beginning of the group. Please, do not ring on any of the doorbells, as our colleagues might be having counselling sessions.

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Cost per meeting: € 35.00 / 25.00 discounted

Discounted price is suitable for students, unemployed, and/or recipients of social benefits.

Hobrechtstraße 66
12047 Berlin