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Lab Events

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Racism & Ecology: An Afternoon with Stillpoint Magazine




7:30 am - 1:00 pm EST

For this special occasion we invite you to join members of the Stillpoint Magazine & Stillpoint Spaces Berlin communities for a symposium-style event in three parts. This afternoon features a film screening of Los Silencios (2018) by Brazilian Writer & Director Beatriz Seigner. We will hear presentations by scholars of Race, Social Movements, and History Mihir Sharma & Dr. Edna Bonhomme on the links between equity, race, nationality, and ecology. Together, we’ll grapple with the fraught legacies of industrialization & colonialism and their impacts today.

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Lacan Guided Reading Group: The Direction of the Psychoanalytic Treatment




1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST

This seminar will be the most “clinical” of the seminars in the Lacan Guided Reading Group yet. In it we will read a Lacanian text that is zealously addressed to clinicians situated at the intersection between ego-psychology, object-relation theory, and Lacanian psychoanalysis. We will address the centrality of the unconscious (structured like a language) in the analytic situation, the importance of the Symbolic in the experience of the subject, and its unfolding in speech, the role of desire and, more specifically, the “desire of the analyst” in the direction of the treatment.

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Flow Writing Day




3:00 am - 11:30 am EST

Writing often tends to get sidelined in our busy, fast-paced everyday lives. Flow Writing Day is an opportunity to practice focused writing and help your current text project move forward. The facilitated work process allows you to dive deep into your writing, experience the flow, and work towards progress.

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Workshop: Archetypal Sexuality



In his text on the so-called Rosarium, Jung wrote about what he named archetypal sexuality – an understanding of sexuality as being related to spirituality, matter, and a sense of connectedness. An experience through which one could not only live one's body uniquely, but connect with another differently, therefore an experience that could go to the heart of, and address, the split between mind and body. We will explore what is meant by this and how it could apply to postmodern living.