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Lab Events

Mathilde 86

Ecopsychology: Caring for The Link That Binds Us to Nature

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Ecopsychology is a transdisciplinary field of inquiry that proposes to study and restore this fundamental link between the inner life of man and nature. In this sense, it is a double therapeutic movement: understanding our inner conflicts can help us pay more attention to nature and, conversely, more time spent in the wilderness can help us get better lives.

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Lamella Fanzine Creative Workshop

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The fanzine embodies fabrications, ruminations, critiques and conclusions revolving around the group’s work on the subject of Lacanian psychoanalysis. In the Lamella creative workshop, we will start building the next fanzine issue together from the ground up.

Influencing others event

What Happens in Your Brain When You Try to Influence Others?

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The research on social influence has been dominated by the motivation to understand the mind of the targets of influence (e.g. consumers, voters) in order to exert even more influence on them. Far less is known about the cognitive and neurobiological underpinnings of the source of the influence (e.g. spin doctors, financial advisers, pundits etc). This seminar and discussion will be devoted to better understanding influence deployed from the source rather than the target.

Accompanying iv

Accompanying: Healing Through Liberation Psychology

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Power dynamics are embodied in daily life. For those of us who wish to expose and resist these dynamics, what models do we have for alternative engagement? Critical psychology shifts its focus from the “clinical gaze” toward a critique of power and power-abuse. We will consider the philosophy and practice of accompaniment and its implication for working with those who have experienced multiple oppressions.