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Breathing in psychoanalysis

Breathing in Psychoanalysis



In this talk we will take a historical approach to the act of breathing, and follow the breath, “whatever it does,” through the various ways body and mind have been imagined across psychoanalytic theories. From the “hysterical coughing” of the first patient of psychoanalysis, Anna O., to Freud’s analysis of the Wolf Man’s exhalations, to his broken intimacy with otolaryngologist Wilhelm Fliess (with whom he frequently discussed the nose and sexuality), to name just a few examples, breath will be the main protagonist of this special presentation. 

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Writing-Sweatshop: One Text. One Day.



More often than not, we seem to have trouble starting out, and sticking with a discipline of writing as a practice. In this Writing Day, we will not approach this challenge theoretically. Rather than talk about how hard it can be to write, we will actually do it, using effective methods that set the flow of the act itself in motion.

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Lacan Guided Reading Group: A Feminine Enjoyment



In the Lacan Guided Reading Group, we will trace Lacan’s train of thought concerning masculine and feminine enjoyment by reading two chapters from this seminar entitled: “God and Woman’s Jouissance” and “A Love Letter.” What is an enjoyment beyond the phallus? What is so mystifying about feminine enjoyment? And what is knowledge of sexual difference? 

Join us for the reading of Jacques Lacan’s Seminar XX: On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge (Encore) (1972-1973).

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Ecopsychology: Caring for The Link That Binds Us to Nature



Ecopsychology is a transdisciplinary field of inquiry that proposes to study and restore this fundamental link between the inner life of man and nature. In this sense, it is a double therapeutic movement: understanding our inner conflicts can help us pay more attention to nature and, conversely, more time spent in the wilderness can help us get better lives.