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Lab Events


The Psychiatrist-Psychotherapist Relationship: A Marriage of Minds or a Point of Conflict? (Live Streaming of Lecture)

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How can psychological therapists and psychiatrists better work with each other in the interests of their clients? This event for mental health professionals (who work with clients or are in training), will address this question and more.


[EVENT IN THE PAST] Lacan Guided Reading Group: Platonic Love and Beyond

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The Reading Group under the guidance of Leon Brenner is continuing its work throughout January and February on the subject of love and transference in Lacan's work based on his reading of Plato's Symposium.

For the next six sessions, we will work on our last topic in this round – the love triangle between Socrates, Agathon, and Alcibiades.

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Workshop: Stuck in Patterns

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Following the Schema approach, the workshop will present ways of acknowledging and connecting with the vulnerable parts in ourselves, and begin to understand our own patterns in life. By learning how to listen to the voices of demanding or punitive parents, the voice of the vulnerable or angry child, one can strengthen the voice of the Self of today.

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Can a Robot Become a Desiring Body?

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During this performative lecture on artificial intelligence, artificial consciousness and artificial desire, the speaker will be at the same time connected to a robot, which traces circles on a piece of paper, sensing the speaker’s excitement, anxiety or any physical response, and expresses them as data through deviations from the perfect circle. The final question of this exploration is: can a robot become a desiring body?