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Psychoanalysis in Mexico: Filosofía, Psicoanálisis y Cultura



Psychoanalysis is not philosophy, but the following question needs to be asked: is it possible to understand the specific field of psychoanalysis without philosophy? Or more accurately put: is it possible to determinate the Freudian camp on its own, as a self-reference? Can one truly be independent of the other?
The following seminar aims to think about this topic and to discuss its situation in México.

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The Fall of the Berlin Wall: A Neo-Jungian Interpretation



In this presentation, Stefano Carpani will look into the fall of the Berlin Wall psychoanalytically.

By initially offering a factual account as it unfolded on November 9th, 1989, the talk will take a gradual turn away from the facts of that day, and engage with the concept of the numinous, following Jung, and its influence in the development of history.

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Workshop: Sound-Inspired Art Therapy



We would like to invite you to join us in Sound-Inspired Art Therapy Workshop, an experimental format designed by Nitya Ramchandran, in collaboration with Eufonia Festival and Stillpoint Spaces Berlin.

Breathing in psychoanalysis

Breathing in Psychoanalysis



In this talk we will take a historical approach to the act of breathing, and follow the breath, “whatever it does,” through the various ways body and mind have been imagined across psychoanalytic theories. From the “hysterical coughing” of the first patient of psychoanalysis, Anna O., to Freud’s analysis of the Wolf Man’s exhalations, to his broken intimacy with otolaryngologist Wilhelm Fliess (with whom he frequently discussed the nose and sexuality), to name just a few examples, breath will be the main protagonist of this special presentation.