Stillpoint Spaces is a meeting place for psychologically-minded, culturally & educationally diverse individuals seeking to connect, reflect, and share. Through workshops, seminars, lectures, open discussions, and artist-encounters, we offer a new way to engage with depth psychology.

Through various theoretical frameworks, we explore the application of psychoanalytical insights in diverse contexts beyond the clinic, and with a particular emphasis on culture, art and politics.  Our events reflect this trans-disciplinary engagement as well as a commitment to dialog with people from all walks of life. We carve a space for an honest exploration of the complexity of our lives - individual and collective -  in the contemporary moment of late modernity. At Stillpoint, we bring ideas out of secluded enclaves and onto the street.

Initially established as a counselling & therapy site, we’ve also developed a new kind of vibrant community space, The Lab, where psychologically-minded individuals can engage in a multidisciplinary approach to psychoanalysis and the humanities. At The Lab of Stillpoint Spaces Berlin we invite artists, writers, psychologists, therapists, researchers, students, and individuals of other disciplines to tap into our resources and use them creatively, through a monthly membership.

As a member of The Lab, you can use our facilities and benefit from our events, as well as propose your research projects and related ideas to be developed or integrated into our public or professional programs. We invite you to grow with us and our community, professionally, personally, or both. ​​


Monthly: €45 / €25 for students, unemployed, and/or recipients of social benefits 


Public Memberships are meant for those who maintain a personal interest or curiosity for psychoanalysis, and closely related humanistic fields, for instance, philosophy, culture and gender studies, literature, or creative arts. It is meant for those who might harbour a keen interest to explore those fields through their own particular interests.  We aim to offer our Library as the main area for members, who can count on a quiet and reflective environment. Core benefit of this membership is the chance to pursue those interests privately by also having the possibility to encounter like-minded individuals through different activities provided by the monthly program at The Lab.


Our Library is essentially a research space, rich with literature on psychoanalysis.  


Additional practical benefits:


  • Attendance at our public events at 50% discount (lectures, discussions) and attendance to our in-depth events at 15% discount (workshops, group-based work); 

  • Attendance at our clinical events at 15% discount for members of The Lab who are clinicians, trainees or students of psychology and related fields (professionals-only events); 

  • Option to borrow books from our Library (and suggest exchange activities, i.e. reading groups);

  • Access to our study area;

  • Extension of Membership privileges to Stillpoint Spaces in other cities in Europe (Zurich, Paris, and London);

  • Participation at the Stillpoint Spaces International Explorations with a 15% discount on the price (more information are available at the webpage;

  • Possibility to rent our spaces for workshops, meetings, or other group events at a 15%  lower price. 


To register for a Membership, please bring along an ID with a photo. In case you are a student, unemployed, and/or recipient of social benefits, a document showing your current status is also needed.


In order to apply for a membership we kindly ask you to send us an email at:


Contact us

If you are interested in our membership offer, please contact us using the enquiry form below:

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