Stillpoint Spaces is a meeting place for psychologically curious, culturally, and educationally diverse individuals seeking to connect, reflect, and share.

Through workshops, seminars, lectures, discussions, and artist encounters, we offer a novel way to engage with psychology in depth in contexts beyond the clinic.



Ideal for anyone looking for a quiet, bright, reliable space to work amongst others with shared interests. We offer unlimited wifi, coffee, and tea.


Open: 9:00 to 17:00 every Wednesday and Thursday.




Members benefit from a programme of activities including writing and reading workshops free to our members.

Further events, activities, and workshops are available at a discount.



Join us at a special launch rate of €35 a month – with a further 25% off for students. Day Passes available.



•   Coworking in the Library and Workspace

•   Free access to Lab Programme activities internationally (Free for Members)

•   Discount on Events Programme in Berlin and our Spaces in London, Paris, and Zurich

•   Two Coworking Day Passes to share upon signup

•   50% off coworking day rate for guests

•   Coworking in our London Space

•   15% off books for sale

•   25% off venue hire

•  Access to our Library’s collection for on-site reading and borrowing


To register for a Lab Membership, please write to us at We will then provide further instructions for signing up.

Contact us

If you are interested in our membership plan, please contact us using the inquiry form below:

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