The Stillpoint Spaces Story

Stillpoint Spaces began in 2012 in Zürich, responding to a time of crisis for psychoanalysis & the world by making space for individuals of diverse backgrounds to connect, share & reflect. Today, with Stillpoint Spaces in Zürich, Berlin, London & Paris, we engage with psychology, in depth, inside & outside the consulting room.

Through our online platform Stillpoint Spaces also connects affiliated practitioners and clients in vibrant exchange and healing, accessible from around the world. Online & in person, at Stillpoint Spaces we invite you to dream psychology forward & to confront the pressing social, political & cultural challenges of our times with depth and humanity.

Our spaces


The Lab of Berlin is an experiment in taking psychoanalysis out on the street. Our members and partner organizations have access to a transitional space that stimulates in-depth work, introspection and reflection. During the day the space functions as a research space, while in the evening it transforms into an educational hub with lectures, workshops and learning modules.

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Stillpoint Spaces Paris opened in September 2017. It is an open community of therapists with diverse training backgrounds, facilitating individual work as well as group activities where psychological theories and practices meet philosophy, arts, humanities and the culture of the contemporary society. The Lab is a space dedicated to welcoming and encouraging reflections, activities and explorations through access to multidisciplinary seminars, events and workshops.



Stillpoint Spaces Zurich hosts a diverse group of psychologists, analysts and counselors from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.  Our collaborative effort in Zurich is to secure a safe harbor for thoughtful, reflective and caring engagement with all matters that pertain to life challenges, transitions, relationships, crises and psychic suffering in a wide permutation that always places the uniqueness and the sancity of each person at the highest order.

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At the London Lab we are creating conditions for work and cultural engagement that goes beyond productivity. Our Lab is an ongoing experiment in coworking and community building, where we take the insights from psychotherapy, psychology, contemporary psychoanalysis, and related disciplines and apply them to everyday contemporary life.